16080201166_f56c89d782_kMarcus – Sparkx

Welcome!  I am a 30-something blogger who is passionate about travel and specifically cruising.

Why read this blog? 

This blog aims to be a quick, simple and easy go-to place for information and news pertaining to travel and cruising, together with a healthy dose of randomness and fun thrown in for good measure!  Given the busy world we all live in I want people to be able to get and understand information very quickly without getting bogged down.




10 quick (and random!) things about me:

  1. I grew up in Hampshire/Wiltshire but work in London923699_685794258172700_1832864383_n
  2. I work as a Transport Planner and Policy Advisor for the Mayor of London
  3. I have degrees in Molecular Genetics and Transport Planning
  4. I am passionate about travelling and cruising (as you may have guessed!)
  5. I am what you could call a cruise baby, having been on them with my family since I was very young
  6. I come from a very creative family of artists and musicians
  7. My great-uncle was the drummer in the Troggs
  8. I can play the flute & piano, and sing if coerced (or had enough to drink !)
  9. I am very fond of a mojito, or rum based drinks in general
  10. I look after a young, and crazy, German Shorthaired Pointer called Skye

As ever, all the views here are my own.