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Welcome! I’m Marcus (or Sparkx), I am a 30-something leading UK-based blogger and travel writer who is passionate about travel and specifically cruising. I’ve been cruising since I was very young and can’t think of a better way to travel – and I’m here to show you why.

Why read this blog? 

Sparkx began over seven years ago as a way for me to share my love of cruising and travel. The blog aims to be a quick, simple and easy go-to place where I share my experiences, passion and provide practical information on travel and cruising. Using compelling writing, content and high-quality photography and content, my goal is to cast aside the clichés of cruising and convince you why you should choose to cruise.

You can read more about how I got into blogging and why I love to cruise here.

The blog includes handy and practical guides, top tips, ship and destination experiences, and cruise and travel news. Why not take a look at some of my past pieces: travelling into the midnight sun, my review and tour of Celebrity Cruises’ Celebrity Edgemy guide for taking your first cruise, or what’s included on a cruise holiday.

Where I’ve been featured

Sparkx is a multi-award nominated blog, having been a finalist in the British Cruise Awards and the Wave Awards a number of times, as well as the UK Blog Awards.  We have also been featured across the internet, TV and written media.

I have been interviewed a number of times as a cruise expert and write for and contribute to a number of written publications and websites in both the UK and the USA. This includes the likes of Porthole Magazine, Cruise 118, Meet Me On Board, Cruise 1st, The Cruise Show, ROL, Cruise.co.uk, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, CNN and a regular contributor to number of cruise line magazines, such as Viking’s Explore More Magazine. I have also been a featured contributor for Cruise International Magazine, specialising in LGBTQ travel. I’ve also been featured and interviewed on the Holiday and Cruise Channel in the UK – found here.

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More about me

I live in Winchester, UK and work in London where I’m a Spatial Planning and Transport Lead for the Mayor of London. I’m a big foodie and lover of wine and cocktails, and is a core part of the reason I love to cruise.

There is honestly nothing better than waking up somewhere new to explore, don’t you think? I come from a very creative family, loving to create exciting stories through a mixture of writing and visuals. I love getting outdoors, particularly since I spend most of my life in an office – I take great enjoyment in going for long walks with my dog Skye (a crazy German Shorthair Pointer).

All the views and opinions on this blog are my own.

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