Ambassador Ambition – Culinary

This being a short cruise, we tried our very best to fit in as much as possible on board. Despite her size, Ambition offers quite a range of culinary offerings and overall I came away really impressed with what was on offer.  

First off, we have the main dining spaces on board – the Buckingham and Holyrood Restaurants, which serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We enjoyed the gala dinner here on board which featured lobster, filet mignon and other delights – we were stuffed!  You can also opt to enjoy the casual buffet space on board at Borough Market. This take inspiration from cuisines across the World and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also Alfresco Grill, adjacent to borough market offering even more casual eats such as pizza and burgers.  

 There are two specialty restaurants on board Ambition – Lupino’s and Saffron. Starting with Lupino’s, this is a Mediterranean speciality found on board. This restaurant pays homage to one of Ambassador’s colleagues who passed away in 2022. This is a relaxed space featuring salads, mezze and grilled food. It was really delicious and a fun atmosphere. Especially given the small cover charge of £14.95pp. 

Then we have Saffron, which was by far my favourite experience on board Ambition. It was truly a delight. This is an intimate restaurant featuring the flavours of India and Goa (though on longer sailings it also features wider menu options from Thailand, Far East Asia and more). I was really blown away by the quality, flavour and service in Saffron and I couldn’t recommend it enough to anyone travelling on board.  For £16.95pp it truly is a steal. 

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