Avalon Waterways Review – Active & Discovery River Cruise on the Rhône

An overview of our adventure

River cruising is undergoing huge growth and change at the moment, with new ships and concepts being delivered all the time, including for Avalon Waterways.  With luxurious ships, amazing food, service to die for, and not to mention the destinations you visit, you can see why.  It’s honestly such a peaceful way to experience the world.

Avalon Waterways on the Rhone River

In this blog series we’ll be exploring the Rhône River on board Avalon Waterways.  I spent a short amount of time on board an Avalon ship last November in Paris, but I was really excited to experience what makes them stand out.  They are suite only ships, with uniquely designed cabins to exploit your connection with the river.

What was I looking forward to the most?

This is a trip of three themes.  Firstly, I was so excited to experience what makes Avalon unique.  Secondly, what makes this cruise different is that this adventure was about experiencing the new Avalon Active & Discovery river cruises.  Newly launched this year, these cruises look to provide a more enriching experience than a traditional river cruise.

There are a whole new variety of excursions on offer, including more active ones such as cycling, canoeing and hiking, together with other’s design to dig deeper in learning about a destination, providing a truly enriching experience.  This sound fun right?  It’s honestly right up my alley.

Finally, there are quite a few iconic rivers in the world that I’ve wanted to experience all my life, and the Rhône has to be one of them.  All the destinations scream excitement.  Our Active and Discovery cruise began in the gastronomic capital of the world, Lyon.  We then made our way down through the Rhône Valley, via Avignon and Viviers towards the Mediterranean.

Click below to explore the rest of this blog series. Over the coming weeks this series will explore our Active & Discovery adventure through the Rhône, together with the suite experience of Avalon Waterways.


Disclaimer: I was a guest of Avalon Waterways for this trip. All views and opinions are my own and I retain editorial control.  I was not paid to attend this trip.

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  1. Being a bit of an oenophile I would love to cruise the Rhone for the vineyards… more so than the Rhein;) I’m rather keen on trying Avalon as they’re rare for having vegan options on their menus… other river ships just seem to improvise and from what I hear, rather badly. Yiekes!

  2. Sounds like this is a great river cruise for people who want to stay active. Kayaking is an activity I’d definitely choose to do. I look forward to hearing more about your river cruise.

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