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Continuing our adventure on Celebrity Edge, this post looks at the various cabins and suites on board, as well as a subject close to my heart, sorry stomach, all the food offerings found on board.

Living on the Edge

Celebrity Edge throws out the rulebook when it comes to cabins and accommodation.  Without getting too technical, the ship has been designed very differently to other ships her size, with an endoskeleton as opposed to an exoskeleton.

So, what does this actually mean?  Put simply there’s no structure in the way between you and the sea.  Most balconies have been replaced with what’s called the infinite balcony, resulting in much bigger rooms compared to other ships – with 23% extra space compared to other ships.  The rooms have been designed to blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor space.  The best way I can describe this is that where you would expect to have the balcony, there is a wintergarden indoor space with a large panoramic window.  To turn this space from indoor to outdoor all you need to is press a button and the window parts and becomes a balcony.  It’s very clever.

The one questions I’ve been asked over and over is, ‘does this feel like a normal balcony?’.  The short answer is no. It feels like an outdoors space, but it’s not really designed for you to sit and sunbathe.  More, it is somewhere I could enjoy a glass of wine at sunset.  I actually really like the space, and I can imagine on many itineraries where the weather isn’t as good as it can be that the additional space could be really handy, while not compromising the views outwards.

Edge has a vast amount of cabin types.  From inside rooms, to a number of oceanview rooms (some of which feature the same wintergarden, it just doesn’t open like the balcony rooms) and both standard and infinite balcony cabins.  On top of this there is Aquaclass (more on this shortly) and Concierge Class, which has upgraded amenities compared to a standard balcony room.

All the rooms on edge are very smart.  One control panel by the front door can control all the major functions of the room including lights (including various scenes), air conditioning and the blinds.  The Celebrity App also interfaces with the room, allowing it to remotely control everything, including the TV!  Each room also features its own Wi-Fi antenna, so you’ll never be without signal.

There is also plenty of power to charge all your devices, including USB ports by the bed.  One of my favourite things about the room is an unassuming white box on the vanity.  When you lift the lid, you’ll find a multitude of power sockets, all nicely hidden away out of sight.  This includes a European plug, USB and some universal plug sockets, so no need to bring adaptors!

All-in-all the room is very comfortable, with oodles of storage for everything you could ever imagine.  The bathrooms are also 10% larger than on other ships and a very pleasant environment to be in, with a luxurious and chic feel thank to the toiletries offered and the ‘marble’ finishes.

We stayed in an Infinite Aquaclass infinite balcony.  Aquaclass looks to provide a more luxurious experience and is perfect for those seeking restoration and relaxation.  The biggest draws are access to the exclusive Blu restaurant, offering an intimate dining experience with fresh and clean food.  Secondly, Aquaclass have access to the amazing Thermal Suite on board (more about this in the next blog).  The aquaclass cabins are very similar to other infinite balconies, but feature an amazing rain shower, a pillow menu, daily canapes and tea, bathrobes and slippers and a welcome bottle of sparkling wine.

The Retreat

Suite guests will not be disappointed with double the number of available suites on board and with a newly updated contemporary design. The suites form part of The Retreat, a suite only area which features an exclusive sun deck, their own lounge and the updated Luminae restaurant.

There are six varieties of suite on board which have all been reimagined and are really chic and modern spaces.  Of this the two that stand out the most are the Edge Villa suites and the Iconic suites.

The six Edge Villas on board are two-story luxury residences. Each offers a spacious 739 square feet of split-level splendour, with one bedroom with gorgeous panoramic views, two bathrooms and a huge outdoor jacuzzi.

Situated above the bridge, at the very top of the ship, the spacious Iconic suites have two bedrooms with a king-sized Cashmere Collection bed and two bathrooms with a full shower and whirlpool tub. There’s more than enough space for six guests. There’s even an in-suite butler’s pantry for when you feel like entertaining.

Eating and drinking on the Edge

I was very excited to see and experience the new food offerings on Edge.  Instead of evolving the existing concepts found on other ships in the fleet, they totally started from scratch – that’s bold!

All the food I experienced on Edge was exceptional, from the Oceanview Café buffet to the speciality restaurants, they were all of high quality and I cannot fault it.  My only regret is that I didn’t have time to experience everything on board (but a good excuse to go back right?).

On Edge, Celebrity have taken the main dining room and replaced it with four more intimate restaurants, each with an individual theme.  I like this idea, though it’s not always worked on other ships and cruise lines.  I feel Celebrity have struck a fine balance here.  While each restaurant has a distinct theme, with about two thirds of the menu reflecting this, there are still universal offerings common to all four restaurants.  With this you can always enjoy a meal whatever restaurant you are in.

From Cosmopolitan, an evolution of the main dining room found on the rst of the fleet, serving American cuisine with international flair.  To Tuscan, paying homage to the Tuscan Grill found on other Celebrity ships and serving southern Italian fare.  Then there’s Normandie, with its contemporary modern French cuisine, an evolution of Murano.  For me the most fascinating part of Normandie is the art, as it was taken from the famous Normandie Transatlantic Liner.  Finally, the relative newcomer is Cyprus, serving fresh Mediterranean cuisine.

For those seeking a more informal setting head to the Oceanview Café.  This is one of those spaces on cruises when you tend to notice crowds, but again Edge does an incredible job at absorbing people and there was always plenty of seating, even by the windows.  The double height of the resort deck totally opens this space up.  In addition to this there are plenty of other cafes and casual places found on board including Café al Bacio and the Spa Café, serving healthy food options.

For those who always crave pizza (I include myself here), Oceanview has created a dedicated pizza area at the back of the Café in its own dedicated room.  It was some of the best pizza I’ve had at sea.

The Grand Bistro is found off of the Grand Plaza.  It’s a cute space that pays homage to the bistros of Paris, with the sights, scents and sounds of a bustling boulangerie and pattisserie.

In the evening the Bistro is transformed in to Le Petit Chef experience.  Your table top is brought to life by petit animated characters who appear beside your plate and prepare each course for you.  It’s such a fun experience that had me chortling in my chair the whole time.  When the animation is finished your food is presented to you.  When I’ve experienced things like this in the past the disappointment has come when the food arrives, but not here.  The food was really exceptional.

The Rooftop Garden Grill is an extension of the Rooftop Garden.  Think of it like a gourmet backyard BBQ with smoked chicken wings, burgers and hickory smoked brisket.  To finish off a meal why not try the Mason Jar s’mores.  Delicious!

Raw on 5 offers a blend of St Tropez and New England seafood, with both hot and cold offerings such as sushi, oysters and caviar.  If you want to eat Al Fresco you can take advantage of the Magic Carpet which when it docks with deck 5 becomes an open-air extension, as well as a nice open air bar in its own right.

With views both over the Grand Plaza and the sea, Finecut Steakhouse is an upscale dining experience with a selection of premium steaks, seafood and other offerings.  The service and quality of food here was really exceptional. There’s so much variety to choose from on the menu, although if you are a steak lover you have to try one of the mouth-watering offerings.

Eden, now where do I even start?  I love Eden as a venue as I wrote about in the previous blog, but the food takes this to a whole new level.

I like to consider myself a bit of a foodie. I like to go to new restaurants and experience new things.  When I say Eden was some of the best food I’ve ever tasted, I really mean it.  It was by far the best food I’ve ever had on any cruise ship, and to be honest better than a lot restaurants on land as well.  They’ve really upped the bar when it comes to food on Edge.

It’s not just about the food, Eden is an experience where the Edenites, each with their own distinct personality, interact with you and take on a culinary journey.  While the restaurant is slightly removed from the main Eden area, it’s still part of the narrative that plays out by the Edenites at night, where you are asked to take part in all the games and festivities that take place.

The food is fun and playful and oh so tasty, all prepared in a lively, open air kitchen and menus that deliver sensory and experiential dishes inspired by nature. Eden has been masterminded by Michelin star chef Cornelius Gallagher.  It was amazing to see him, and his ever-so talented staff work effortlessly in the kitchen to create these exceptional dishes.  If I were to recommend one thing if you go on Edge, it is to experience this.


After all that food I think it is time to get active.  In the next post I talk about all the activities and entertainment on board, together with the Spa, Gym and quality of service.  Click the link below.

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