Discovery Princess – Accommodation

As I have spoken about before, Princess offers a whole range of accommodations for guests on board their ships to suit every budget, style and taste.  Ranging from well-proportioned interior, oceanview and balcony cabins all the way up to some of the most incredible and spacious suites at sea.

The cabins on board have all received aesthetic upgrades over the years, as with the rest of the ship.  By changing the lighting, carpet, materials it has given the cabins a contemporary feel, but yet distinctly Princess.

On this cruise, we were lucky to stay in a mini-suite on board.  This is one of the best value spaces found on any ship, and I feel one of the best suites of its category across the industry.

There are a number of features of this room which give it, on balance, an edge:

  • Starting with the Princess Luxury Bed. This can be found in all cabins on board and honestly, it’s one of the best beds at sea.  It’s is so comfortable you are guaranteed a great nights’ sleep.
  • The real charm of the mini-suite is its size. You get a large sleeping area and then a large seating area (which can be converted into another bedroom with sofa bed, pull down bed and curtains). The seating area also features a large marble vanity.
  • The room also has plenty of power outlets, including USB Ports in next to the bed (and if you know my reviews you know I have a thing about the need for USB Ports in rooms).
  • With this extra space, you also have two large TVs, one for the sleeping area and one for the seating area.
  • There is of course lots of storage space, with a large wardrobe next to the bathroom to hang up plenty of clothes
  • And speaking of the bathroom, this is also very large and features a full bath tub.
  • Finally, of course there is large windows that lead onto a moderately sizes balcony to watch the world go by.

You also benefit from upgraded room service, complimentary services on board, priority boarding and access to amenities such as guest services and dining reservations on board.  Honestly, it’s a wonderful space to spend time in and to wake up to each day

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