Enchanted Princess – Design

Enchanted Princess debuted in 2021 and represents the continued evolution of the Princess Cruises’ Royal Class of ships.  This class has truly won a lot of hearts through the years, with its grand and lavish designs, new venues and a number of firsts at sea.

Enchanted Princess, much like her direct sisters Sky and Discovery, feature a different aesthetic design compared to the first ships in the class.  So, expect much lighter interiors, different lighting, uses of different materials and woods and overalls a more neutral palette which gives the ship a contemporary feel – while not losing everything people love about the class.

The Piazza and lounges on board

This approach can be felt across the ship.  Starting with the Piazza, which forms the heart and soul of the ship.   This expansive space is always alive with people and activity throughout the day and is framed by mosaics, art and sculptures.

The Piazza is always a hub of activity, partly due to hustle and bustle from all the various bars, cafés, venues and shops that surround it – giving it a really lively vibe all day long.  I loved being able to grab a seat in one of the bars overlooking the Piazza, such as Bellinis, and watch everything that unfolds across this space.

Through all the inside spaces on decks 5, 6, and 7 you’ll notice subtle differences from the other ships in the fleet.  For instance, the Princess Live lounge (where many of the game shows and other activities take place on board) is an open space that spills into the promenade to draw in passes by with its open cabaret lounge design.

Other venues like Take Five, the Casino and Vista Lounge remain familiar but with tweaks here and there to their design.  Again, all working to bring this updated contemporary vibe to the ship.

Take Five is actually one of my favourite venues on board.  It’s exudes a cool jazz club vibe and is perfect for grabbing a night cap and enjoying live music late in the evening.

Outside space

Heading upstairs to the outside spaces, Enchanted Princess very much follows in Sky Princess footsteps.  The main pool space has been reimagined with more spa tubs, two large pools linked by sunken, communal seating, adjacent to the top-deck bar.  More space has been given over to seating compared to other ships as well so there’s always somewhere you can find a seat.  There’s also plenty of space away from the main pool areas to relax as well.  Old favourites such as the Seawalk also make a return.

Heading to the front, the Retreat adults-only space has also been updated to give it more of a miami-esque vibe with two-tiered seating.  This is another one of my favourite venues to spend time in – it’s quiet, comfortable and relaxing.

Also making a return on Enchanted Princess, is the popular Aft wake pool which is a gorgeous space to take in the day and enjoy a sunset or sail-away with a good cocktail.

So, what do you think of the design of Enchanted Princess? Let me know in the comments and on social media. 

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