Enchanted Princess – Service and Ocean Medallion

One thing I can truly recommend from my time on board Enchanted Princess is the crew and staff on board.  I was really impressed across the board with the attention to detail and attentiveness to ensure that all guests had the best time possible.  Whether that’s the stateroom attendants, bar and restaurant waiters or the activities staff (and many more!).  I always say, it’s the crew that make a cruise and they really did on this one – for me this is one reason why I cruise time and time again.

Ocean Medallion

Of course, you cannot talk about Princess without talking about Ocean Medallion.  I’ve spoken about the Ocean Medallion a lot in the past and you can read more about it here.

Sufficed to say, the Ocean Medallion is your gateway to making a good cruise great. At its core is the aim to simplify your whole cruise experience.  It consists of a little medallion and then an app that work in tandem together.

The little device acts as your cruise card on board and has a number of cool features, including ordering food and drink to your exact real-time location, or opening your stateroom as you approach it.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked up to my cabin over the years with too many things in my hands and struggled to open the door.

It also has benefits for the crew too, as they have tablets which show who’s at the bar, their preferences, dietary requirements and other useful information to help to personalise your cruise experience.

The App can be useful in a number of ways including making dining reservations, checking what’s on and helping find your way about.  By far, the most useful element of the App I found was check-in – it honestly makes it such a breeze and you can get from the pier to the ship in 10 minutes.

Linked to the Ocean system is the on board internet offering.  As I was live posting my experience of Enchanted Princess and the various destinations we were visiting (on Instagram), the internet is actually pretty important to me and it did not fail to support what I needed.  At certain times of day, I found it to be a little slow, particularly towards on the last day of the cruise, but overall it stood up to my hefty requirements – so would be great for most people.

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