Have fun like a Viking

Viking’s philosophy is all about destination immersion, so expect overnights in ports and much more of a focus around where you’re visiting.  As such, there is less emphasis on entertainment on board but nevertheless there’s still plenty to do and see.

Each night the Living Room becomes the hub of live music and entertainment on board.  Friend’s gather and socialise with wine and cocktails to discuss their adventures through the day before heading off for dinner in one of the restaurants.  With no formal nights or need to constantly be places it is a very relaxed and laid-back affair.

The Star Theatre has something on most nights, including Broadway-style shows and films (including 3D) throughout the cruise. As mentioned in my other posts, there are also two cinemas adjacent to the theatre that show a variety of movies and other activities.  The theatre is also home to a number of talks during the cruise.  Near the theatre you’ll also find a number of boutique shops selling merchandise, watches, perfumes and other goods.

The pool deck also comes alive some nights, with shows and pool parties under the stars.  A large movie screen, which is discretely hidden during the day, can be used to broadcast events, as well as movies under the stars some nights.

Finally, there is Torshavn.  This is the ship’s late-night haunt, with an edgy jazz club vibe.  Here you’ll find an array of interesting cocktails and vintage Armagnacs.  Sit in a booth, enjoy the live music and then dance the night away.  I think it’s a great venue to finish off a night with, but it’s hard to tell how successful it is on board, or whether people just didn’t know about it as it wasn’t overly busy during my time on board.



Unfortunately I don’t have images of Torshavn, so images above are © Cruise Critic.

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