Hotel Review – The Pig in the Wall – Southampton, UK

We recently had the opportunity to stay at The Pig in the Wall Hotel in Southampton, UK.  Read below to get my full take on this quirky offering in the UK.

What is the Pig in the Wall?  

The Pig in the Wall is a boutique hotel found right in the middle of Southampton, near the port.   

The Pig group of hotels and restaurants is renowned for its approach to local produce and gorgeous venues. I’ve been a long-time fan of them and always wanted to stay at the Pig in the Wall in Southampton.  We were lucky enough to have a pre-cruise stay here overnight and boy were we impressed – We really fell in love with the place.  It’s our kind of place to stay. 

Where is it 

The Pig in the Wall is nestled a stone’s-throw away from the Port of Southampton in one of the most historic parts of the City of Southampton.  

Why did we book it?

We’re always on the look-out to stay somewhere a little more unique and interesting wherever we go.  And The Pig in the Wall ticks all those boxes for us.  Not to mention how convenient it is for the port! 

What is it like?


The Pig in the Wall describes itself as a city-centre bolt hole, tucked away in the medieval walls of Southampton. And that statement couldn’t be truer. This is a quirky, shabby-chic, boutique hotel that exudes charm and quality.  It genuinely has a wonderful feel the moment you step through the door.  

Also, importantly, it isn’t stuffy. Quite the opposite in fact, where staff are relaxed and oh-so friendly.  

The hotel itself it divided into two distinct areas.  Firstly, the deli-bar / reception and then the 12 unique bedrooms that form the hotel.  And yes, that’s right, there are only 12 rooms making it feel truly cosy.   We’ve heard that it’s difficult to get reservations here, but in truth I didn’t have any problems quite last minute.  

In terms of the main hotel area, this features the deli-bar, a variety of seating (both inside and out), with sofas, low slung chairs and other dining spaces and a log burner.  The walls are also adorned with different curiosities.  


The 12 rooms that make up the hotel come in all shapes and sizes, due to the historic nature of the building.  This means that every room is literally unique and really do have a lovely and homely feel to them.   

We stayed in room 4, which features a large double bed, sitting area, vanity, TV and separate shower room.  The highlight of the room was the roll top bath situated right in the bedroom. 

Another highlight for me was the exciting larder in the room, featuring many treats, locally-sourced snacks, tea, coffee and even pre-made local cocktails (yes, really and I can confirm they really taste good).  


One of the reasons we stayed at the Pig in the Wall is due to its foodie reputation.  Each of the various Pigs are known for sourcing local produce and coming up with really exciting menu.  

The Pig in the Wall is no exception, with its Deli-bar menu sourcing ingredients from the kitchen garden at THE PIG, Brockenhurst, and other local suppliers.  Unlike its bigger cousins, this Pig is a relaxed and rustic affair, with the deli offering an ever-changing menu.  The Pig is open for lunch and Supper, and guests also benefit from a delicious breakfast offering.  

We didn’t have time on this occasion to enjoy dinner here, but we did enjoy cocktails at sunset outside and it was such a lovely, lively space to start our holiday.  We did however experience breakfast the next day and oh my, it was something else.  You can opt for a continental breakfast (for £10), which comes with a whole plethora of things you can eat, or go with a fully cooked breakfast, the piggy pan (which I cannot recommend enough). You can see the full menu here.

The pig also has a handy car park next door (not that you would know it was there unless you know), which is free if you’re staying for dinner, but £10 overnight for guests.  

What did I make of The Pig in the Wall?

Honestly, we had a fab time at The Pig in the Wall and we would definitely stay here again pre- or post-cruise in the future.  In fact, if we didn’t live so close, we’d consider staying here just for a break given its perfect location in Southampton, but for getting out and about in Hampshire too.  If you get the opportunity, you must visit!  

And if you can’t stay, we thoroughly recommend going for a cocktail, or glass of wine, and perhaps some dinner, and take in this lovely space.  

For more info on the Pig in the Wall and to have a look at current rates, head here 

Disclaimer: We paid a standard rate for this stay and retain editorial content.

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