My Viking Journey

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that a few months ago I travelled around a Caribbean with Viking Cruises on board the beautiful Viking Sea to see what Viking is all about.  I was truly blown away by the whole experience and you can read about my Viking Adventure here.

Shortly, I will be boarding the Viking Sea once again, my home away from home, and will travel from London up to Norway. This couldn’t be more of a different experience to the Caribbean, so I hope to bring you a different take on what Viking has to offer, as well as the beautiful scenery of Scotland and Norway.

The journey

We will start our voyage in London, UK.  I’ve always wanted to experience sailing from the Capital, so this will be a really unique and exciting way to start my trip.  As I work in London, I will be working as normal for the first couple of days of the trip, but staying on board Viking Sea – I hope to answer the age-old question, can you work and live on a cruise ship?

We will then leave London and hug the UK coastline as we head up to one of my other favourite cities, Edinburgh (you can read more about my recent trip here).  From there we will continue up heading to Orkney and the Shetlands.

We’ll then hop over to Norway into the midnight sun. We will visit Tromso, Molde, Lofoten and Honningsvag.  We will finish our voyage by visiting the picturesque Norwegian Fjords and Geiranger, something I’ve wanted to see my entire life.  I’ve never been to Norway so I simply cannot wait to see and experience it all.

My Viking Journey

Last time I sailed with Viking I didn’t have the opportunity to use the web portal for Viking Cruises, My Viking Journey.  So this time round I was very intrigued to see how it compares.

Most cruise lines have some form of web portal where you can book excursions, dining and other things.  The Viking portal is no different, but I found it to be extremely user friendly and intuitive – in fact I think it’s arguably the best and easiest one I’ve ever used.

From here we have been able to book our included excursions, as well as a couple of optional ones that you’ll hear more about soon.  Unlike most lines, you don’t need to worry about booking most dining or arranging a time to go, as you can just turn up when you fancy.  Also included within the fare are the two alternative restaurants which you can book ahead of time. The food on board Viking really is something else and one of the top things I’m looking forward to sampling again (see more here).

Watch this space to learn more about what I’ll be getting up to while on board and in these amazing ports of call.

Follow my journey

I will be live blogging my experience on Instagram, Twitter and facebook – so make sure you follow me.  The free Wi-Fi will come in very handy!

So, come with me into the midnight sun on a visual journey through these dramatic landscapes, amazing cultures and wildlife, all from the beautiful Viking Sea.


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