Norwegian Encore – Look and feel

Norwegian Encore has a contemporary feel throughout.  This style is an evolution of what you can find on board other Norwegian Cruise Line ships.  When you walk on board you find a rich palette of materials that feel both cosy, but of a quality that also gives you a sense of luxury.

Norwegian are very good are developing distinct venues, each with a different look and feel.  Personally, I’ve found this a bit hit and miss on different ships and lines, but it works on board Encore. Each venue has enough of a personality that you know what to expect when you walk up, yet each is cohesive with the overall feel of the ship.

The Atrium and 678 Ocean Place

The heart of the ship is the 678 Ocean Place.  This complex, split over three decks features most of the venues on board, including most of the speciality and complimentary dining options and various bars (more on these in a later blog).  Starting at the front you have the Encore Theatre, which while it may not be the largest at sea, is home to some incredible entertainment including The Choir of Man and Kinky Boots.

Walking back, you come to the main Atrium of the ship, with its two-deck video wall that’s used for televising major events, game shows and other activities.  Here you’ll also find guest services, shore excursions, a small Internet Café, card room and library.  Continuing further back, you’ll walk through the linear art gallery on board.

You’ll then come to the main part of 678 Ocean Place, with its grand atrium style and signature light sculpture.  This free-flowing space interconnects various venues including Cocos chocolate shop, the on board casino and The Social, a comedy and night club.  I actually really like this venue with its cool nooks. Heading further aft you’ll find more complimentary and speciality dining, as well as shopping and the photo gallery.

Surrounding 678 Ocean Place is The Waterfront.   This promenade wraps around the various venues on deck 8 and acts as extensions.  So why not enjoy a mojito during sunset on the comfy seating of the sugarcane mojito bar, or enjoy al-fresco dinner in one of the many speciality restaurants?  It’s such a lovely space that really does connect you with the ocean.

Pool and sun deck

Heading upstairs you find yourself at the pool deck.  Unlike on other ships, Encore only features the one main pool area.  This includes the largest pool-side LED screen at sea, as well as ample seating and Jacuzzis that look out over the side of the ship.  Encore does not feature the Spice H20 area at the aft of the ship, which is a shame as it’s such a great spot to enjoy the day.

The Vibe Beach Club on the top decks of the ship makes a return and has been significantly enlarged compared to Norwegian Bliss.  This for-fee adults-only area has a quiet, laid-back atmosphere with its own Jacuzzis, seating and bar.  This area has a capped number, so it never feels overly busy. Day passes are available for $99 or week-long passes can be purchased for $209.

Observation Lounge

The Observation Lounge makes a return to Encore. It has a new look and feel, with lighter woods and earthy tones. It’s one of my favourite places on the ship and great to sit in one of the many comfy loungers and watch the world go by. It’s also perfect for a drink or two before dinner, or perhaps to enjoy a light breakfast which is served each morning. Interestingly, the buffet, which is upstairs, is now enclosed so sound does not carry between the two areas.

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