Revealing the public spaces on Virgin Voyages

Other than a few looks at the overall design of Virgin Voyages’ highly anticipated new cruise line and ship, everything has been pretty tight lipped so far.  That was until this week when there was a big reveal about some of the interior and exterior public spaces on board, and boy do they start to give you a feel as to what this new ship could be like.  Put simply I don’t think there will be a ship quite like it in 2020.

Core to this has been two key considerations.  Firstly, that the interior designers and architects involved have not worked on designing interiors for cruise ships, and secondly, it will be a ship of contrasts. It will be both modern and yet draw on classical nautical elements.  Sounds fun!   Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

Test Kitchen

An eccentric addition for the line, this dining concept will push sailors (that’s passengers by the way) to focus on form, function and elements of food at the Test Kitchen restaurant.  Its reception has been designed to present and mimic the periodic table.  The experience will be like dining within an upscale laboratory – I’m intrigued!  It will also double as a cooking school, or a place to learn barista or wine-tasting skills.

Pink Agave

This is the line’s upscale Mexican restaurant featuring amazing light fixtures and features, such as those pictured below.  There will be an elongated curved lounger at the centre of the room with round tables for two offering an intimate dining experience. It will feature a bar area in the foyer and a private dining room for larger groups.  I cannot wait to try this!

The Manor

Drawing on Richard Branson’s history in the music industry, The Manor is the ship’s signature nightclub.  It takes its cues from Studio 54 and has been outfitted with details, platforms and corners that make it a place to see and be seen

The Dock

Definitely somewhere I could see myself when on board. This outdoor space draws on inspiration of the Hamptons and Ibiza, with a focus on socialisation and relaxation.  Expect day beds, loungers and green foliage, partnered with good beverages as you look out over the stern of the ship.

Athletic Club

Found at the top of the ship, this is an adult play area set in a glamourous yacht style.  It is a large outdoor lounge area that spans both sides of the ship and celebrates traditional nautical elements, including the largest day bed at sea (shown below), so be prepared to share!  Next to this will be a huge 220-squre-foot area of triple netting where sailors can lay out and overlook the open space and decks below as if they were sailing on a catamaran.  This large space spans both sides of the ship and

Richard’s Rooftop

Finally, there’s Richard’s Rooftop.  A private club for suite guests that features a futuristic aesthetic, with circular loungers, giant umbrellas and accents of dichroic glass that will cast shadows of rainbow reflections across the outdoor lounge.


More details about the interior of the ship, including cabins, are set to be revealed through the course of 2018.

For more information about Virgin Voyages go here.



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