Sleep like a Viking

Viking has kept things easy when it comes to cabins on board.  There are only five categories of cabin available, and really, they are all variations on a single theme, simplicity.

As with the rest of the ship, the cabins are light and airy, with scandi-style and nautical themes.  I found the rooms to be very relaxing and a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life.  What’s more, all cabins on board have balconies, which is refreshing.

I stayed in both a Penthouse Veranda and Deluxe Veranda whilst on board Viking Sea and they were easily some of the best and biggest cabins I’ve ever stayed in.  All rooms seem spacious, with sumptuous beds, as well as comfortable sitting areas.  After a long day immersing yourself in a destination there is nothing better than to come back to a comfortable room.

Of all things I noticed during my time on board was the sheer attention to detail everywhere you go, and no more is this so than in and around your cabin.  For me it was the little things that stood out in the cabins, including:

  • USB sockets – In addition to standard power outlets (US and Europe), there are literally USB points everywhere.  I think this is the first cruise line which has taken USB seriously.  On other lines you may get a couple on newer ships, but Viking really take this to a new level.
  • Heated floors and mirrors – oh yes, all bathrooms have heated floors and mirrors in all cabins.
  • Storage – Viking tend to operate on slightly longer itineraries, which means you need to take more with you, i.e. you need more storage. The rooms don’t disappoint with drawers and storage everywhere you look.
  • Speaking of storage, one nifty little piece is a vanity mirror and jewellery storage built into the desks in rooms. I didn’t even know it was there for the first couple of days!
  • All rooms have pod-style coffee machines built in. This is a great addition. What more could you want than to wake up, make a cup of joe and watch the world go by on the balcony.  My only slightly negative comment would be what about us tea drinkers?
  • 24-hour room service – All cabins have complimentary 24-hour room service with a delicious menu selection available all day.
  • There is also complimentary mini-bar which is refreshed daily. Depending on what category you stay in this can also include alcohol.
  • Finally, and this is something Jane McDonald loved when she was on board, is the nearby complimentary Laundry. I personally have a deep hatred about creased shirts, and sometimes it can get quite expensive very quickly to have to have everything pressed.  Not on this ship, I just went and sorted it myself.  The laundries have full facilities for washing, drying and ironing clothes.  They even have sofas and a TV.  I understand they are social hubs on board, so if you ever want gossip you know where to go!

Watch a 40-second tour of my Penthouse Veranda below.


For more information on the cabins available on board please visit here.

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