Things to do in Kristiansand, Norway

Things to do in Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand is a seaside resort city in southern Norway.  It is an important destination for both domestic and international travellers, with cruise ships making regular visits to the city. 

I have to say I was really blown away by the city and its beauty – I wasn’t really sure what to expect but that’s the beauty of cruising, you always come across destinations you may never have thought about but come away really wowed and wanting to go back.  

Fiskebrygga, Posebyen and the city centre 

Cruise ships dock right in the heart of Kristiansand, so you can easily get off the ship and be right in the middle of all the action. The city is also very walkable, so you can get from here to there very easily.   

First off, as you exit the ship you will find yourself at the start of Fiskebrygga, the old fish quay.  This is a lively restaurant area which is also close by the architectural landmark, the Kilden Perming Arts Centre.  Nearby you will also find Kvadraturen, the main shopping centre in the city, with restaurants, shops and cafes.  

 A visit to Kristiansand is not complete without a visit to Posebyen, the old town.  It consists of large, white, wooden houses which date back Centuries.  It’s absolutely stunning and worth walking around and taking in the architecture.  

While you are walking, make sure you take in all the street art that is literally everywhere you turn in Kristiansand. We actually ended up walking the city to see as much as we could.  You can read all about it here.  

Go to a beach 

In the summer, Kristiansand is a well-known beach destination in Norway, so if you have time, I do recommend taking some time out of your day to relax in one of the beach areas.  The most well-known is Bystranda, located in the city centre just a stone’s throw from the port.  There’s a lovely beach, a great vibe, plenty of seating, volleyball courts, a playground and plenty of other amenities.  You may well see concerts and other events taking place as this is a popular venue during the summer.   

Get outdoors 

For me, the real gem of Kristiansand is located just behind the city in the Baneheia recreational area.   

This isn’t far from the ship and is the perfect starting point for a hike around the surrounding area.  Some unassuming stairs take you up to a fantastic viewing point over the city and as you make your way further into the area you are greeted by so much nature and outdoor space.  It was really lovely to spend time in.   There are lots of natural bodies of water where you can lounge, relax and swim. 

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