Things to do in Skagen, Denmark

Things to do in Skagen, Denmark

On a cruise I personally love to get a bit of everything from city culture to enjoying the outdoors.

And for that reason, Skagen in Denmark was a little oasis of outdoorsyness on our cruise on board Enchanted Princess.  

The Grenen

The number one thing to do in Skagen is to visit the Grenen.  This is a large spit at the tip of Denmark where the waters of the Skagerrak (part of the North Sea) meets the Kattegat (part of the Baltic Sea). At the most northerly point there is just a few metres of sand between the two seas, known as the “Sandsnake”.   

On our visit we decided to do a cycling tour of Skagen (via Princess Cruises), which features Grenen.  We met our guide off of the ship and had a very relaxing cycled from the dock through the town and up to the Grenen.  Once we arrived, we left our bikes and walked the last mile by foot along the sand to the tip.  It was such a beautiful and relaxing walk – a perfect time for some mindfulness.  

Exploring Skagen

Cycling through Skagen we learnt about its history and link with fishing and the sea.  We also visited the famous Sand-Covered Church.  This is a 14th Century church which during the 18th Century was almost totally buried by sand dunes.  It was then later abandoned in 1795, but much of the brickwork is used in houses throughout Skagen.  Because of the wind in the area, sand dunes are constantly moving, so much so that the tip of the Grenen grows year on year.   The Church is a short cycle or medium walk from the ship, but still accessible.  

While we focussed on outdoor pursuits during our visit, you can choose to do quite a few things. Skagen is also a centre point for art in Denmark, with a number of famous artists living here over the years, due to the special light conditions and fishing environment.  To celebrate this, you can visit the Skagen art museum to see some of the art and learn about its history.  And there are also a range of cafes, bistros and other restaurants around Skagen. 

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