Tui River Cruises – Tui Maya – Activities & Entertainment

Activities & entertainment is an area that TUI are looking to set themselves apart from other river lines.  You can still expect the typical entertainment to take place such as local acts and other activities on board, but on top of this TUI is looking to fly in specific acts from the UK, including comedians, to do things a little differently.  This is something that will appeal to both existing TUI customers (including those from Marella ocean cruising), but also those new to the brand and to river cruising entirely.

Personally, I’ve never found river cruising to be stuffy – quite the opposite in fact and is one reason I love it. With TUI Maya, they are embracing this but also adding in new fun and quirks not before seen on other ships, providing a TUI twist.

A new take on river entertainment

They have an ambitious programme of other entertainment on board they are looking to showcase. This includes a number of river firsts, such as silent discos and stargazing nights – both of which sound really fun and a great idea. Imagine sailing through the Danube dancing the night away in a silent disco on the top deck, or sitting quietly watching the stars.  They will also be doing interactive quizzes.  We actually took part in one of the quizzes and I have to say I was quite impressed with the approach and technology.  The idea will be that guests join the quiz on their phone and answer several rounds of questions. It was quite good and a lot of fun – and I won 😉 (for once!)

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