Tui River Cruises – Tui Maya – Design

Being brand-new to the line, TUI took the opportunity to really look to make TUI Maya (and her sisters) to feel light, chic and airy.  They’ve spent a lot of time trying to define the product, and it really shows. You’ll find uses of a lot of different textures and design elements to make her feel quite luxe, as well as a sustianble approach to delivering this.

The Atrium

Starting as you enter the ship, you’ll typically find yourself in the Atrium, the very heart of this ship. This two-deck space really does feel airy with its huge sky light beaming down from above.  Here you will find reception and the cruise directors’ desk, and as you head upstairs past the ships bespoke artwork, you’ll find an abundance of seating and a coffee station.  The small on-board shop can also be found here.   I found myself spending a lot of time here just chilling and people watching.

The Observatory

Heading forward you’ll find the Observatory, the main lounge space on board.  Again, the space is light and airy.  This is because in refurbishing the ship, TUI made a point of taking out windows and improving the overall connection with the outside.  This space feels elegant with warm tones, dark woods, golds and other elements to make it feel warm and inviting.  It is here most activities will take place, as well as talks and other elements.  There is also a variety of seating depending on if you want to keep to yourself or sit as a group, together with a large bar.

Outside Space

Heading forward you’ll find a small outside seating area which was always quiet on board.  Going upstairs to the top deck, you will find a plethora of different seating types from chairs to loungers and other comfy offerings.  The top deck is divided into three distinct spaces which will be used for a variety of things in the future, including various outdoor activities.  There was plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the surroundings of the Rhine.


Yes … that’s right, carpets. One thing to note on board, and something I found really quite interesting, is that all the carpet on board is recycled from fishing nets.  You can see a selection of carpets in the various pictures in my posts.

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