The beauty of river cruising is that you can destination hop and have the flexibility in terms of how you want to visit a place.  TUI will offer £120 per person towards excursions on board, allowing you to choose what to do in port.  This differs from other cruise lines, which offer a free excursion in each port.  On top of this, you can of course opt to pay for others.  While it is early days, TUI will look to offer a variety of types of excursions, starting with walking tours, and other immersive activities and expand upon them in due course.

TUI will also look to stay late in port, with sailing for the most part taking place at night.  The exception of course being when taking in some of the world-famous views on these rivers – such as the Rhine Gorge on our journey with TUI, which we spent the afternoon sailing through.

Our adventure

On our journey we visited two destinations in two-days.  Firstly, Boppard where we took a fascinating walking tour of this charming town.  We then spent the afternoon scenic sailing through the Rhine Gorge, which was incredible – Did you know this region has the heaviest concentration of castles anywhere in the World.

And then finally, we arrived in Rüdesheim am Rhein later afternoon.  This beautiful town is known for its winemaking, especially of Riesling wines.  As you sail in, the various vineyards tower over you and the town – it’s quite something.  Fittingly, we then went on a walking tour, followed by really in-depth wine tasting of some of the delicious local wines.

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