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Read all about the  various food & drink options found on board TUI’s River ships, including Tui Maya, featured here.


Verdastro is the main restaurant on board, unusually for a river ship situated towards the rear of the ship.  Here you can expect to have your evening meals and a more formal breakfast/lunch experience. As we were only on a couple of days, we didn’t get much opportunity to eat here but from what I had the food was excellent.  The venue itself is again light and airy, with woods, and colour used to bring the space to life.  You’ll also find a variety of seating options, from plenty of 2-seat placings, together with 4-, 6- and 8+ seater tables.

The food on board was excellent, with a variety of offerings at both lunch and dinner. Due to our limited time on board, we weren’t able to sample everything but from what we experienced, it’s really good quality and with menu’s that will cater for everyone.

The Bistro

Situated just behind Verdastro at the back of the ship you’ll find The Bistro.  This is the casual dining space on board which offers a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You can expect things like nachos, sandwiches and burgers here at a typical lunchtime and it’s all very good.  Given it’s at the back of the ship, it also affords great views.

The Club Lounge

I have to say, my favourite space on board the ship, and probably the ships best kept secret, is the Club Lounge.  Situated right in the middle of the ship next to Verdastro, this is a small bar that is both a perfect nook in the day to enjoy coffee with a book, or in the evening for pre-dinner cocktails.  I loved this space.

There are other offerings from TUI River Cruises, which they will aim to make a big thing about on typical cruises. This includes regular top deck al-fresco BBQs, which we experienced on our penultimate night.


All food is included on board, and drinks are included (beers and wine) during lunch and dinner.  Outside of this, you can expect pretty typical prices on board. You can see a sample menu from The Observatory below.  You can also opt for a drinks package, which costs £126 per person per week on board.

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