Virgin Voyages – Scarlet Lady – Part 2

Continuing my seven point review of Scarlet Lady, here we talk about Wellbeing and Entertainment and Activities.


A core ethos of Virgin Voyages is wellbeing and this is evident across the ship.  A lot of space has been dedicated to you looking after yourself. This includes:  

  • The Redemption Spa and enclave – The spa offers a number of treatments including massages, a mudroom, crystal therapy and gorgeous Persian Garden.  
  • The B-Complex (which stands for Burn, Build, Balance and Bike) – This is the on-board gym which as you expect has all the equipment you could ever want to keep fit. It also hosts a variety of classes.  
  • The Athletic Club – I already mentioned this as a space to just sit and enjoy the outdoors, but there’s also a basketball court, boxing spaces and other active training 
  • The Perch – Located right at the top of the ship, this is a space dedicated to outdoor yoga and other classes.  
  • The Runway – the dedicated jogging track on board. 

Entertainment & Activities 

The second stand-out feature for me on this ship is the entertainment and activities.  Entertainment is genuinely different to any other cruise ship I’ve been on, and a real boon for the line.  

We saw two shows on board.  Firstly, there is Dual Reality. When you walk in to the Red Room Theatre space you are given a red or blue band, and you go to sit on the red or blue side of the theatre, which faces one another, much like an American Sports Hall.  in the middle the performers are interacting with guests and each other.  The show centres around a take on Romeo & Juliet, with the two sides warring against each other through various circus skills, including pole work, acrobatics, juggling, dancing and other gymnastics.  The quality of talent is really something else and I came away energised and really impressed.  

Coming back later in the evening, the Red Room had been completely transformed.  This truly is a flexible space, where all the seating had been removed, and replaced with a catwalk.  This is Untitled Dance Show Party Thing, a 2-hour long immersive dance experience with dancing, singing, a talking cosmic cat, a stalk (yes, really!) and a really cool moving stage.  I actually really enjoyed it, though you are expected to stand for a long time which may not suit everyone.  

Scarlet Lady really does embrace the flash mob lifestyle, with pop-up events and sporadic activities.  My favourite had to be the impromptu ‘grog walk’.  We were sat in The Dock when an entourage of masked pirates appeared all singing and dancing and encouraged us to follow them.  As they make their way through the ship they pick up guests and encourage you take a bar crawl.  Or how about an impromptu drag performance at the Roundabout, why not! It’s a great way to spice things up and was really unexpected fun.  Take a look below at a quick montage video highlighting some of the entertainment on board. 

Another venue I ended up really enjoying is The Manor.  This is a multi-functional space that can be used for all sorts of activities, from live bands to club nights, and features cool retro styling.  I’d love to see what they want to do with this space in the future and really take advantage of its design. Perhaps one of the most talked about spaces on the ship is its entrance, a mirrored hallway which is perfect for that Instagram moment. 

Did you know that Scarlet Lady does not have a Cruise Director?  Instead, there is a cast of 14 who collectively curate your experiences on board. 

What’s included?

One thing that stands out for Virgin Voyages is what’s included in your cruise. You get ‘basic bevvies’ (that’s still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, sodas, teas and drip coffee), Wi-Fi, all food, group fitness classes and gratuities.  That’s a lot when you think about it.  

Would I cruise on Scarlet Lady?  

The million dollar question.  The short answer is, yes, if the price was right. I love many parts of the ship and I would be more than happy to try the full Virgin experience on a on a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas, or even a 7-night in the Med.  I do have some reservations about some elements, but It’s early days and I believe they will work through this – like with any new product. I know I’d end up having a great cruise.  

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Where is she sailing? 

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic, Scarlet Lady’s debut has been delayed and she will start sailing later in 2021. Scarlet Lady will sail from Miami on a mixture of itineraries that visit the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Mexico.   Her sister, Valiant Lady is in the final stages of completion and, subject to the Pandemic, will join her sister in Miami late 2021.  In 2022, Valiant Lady will also sail a mixture of Mediterranean itineraries from Barcelona. 

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