Why choose to cruise with Azamara?

When it comes to cruising, you have so much choice in terms of lines and destinations that sometimes it can be difficult to choose.

In this blog series we’ll look at the top reasons why you should consider various cruise lines.  In this blog we explore the six reasons why you should consider Azamara.  This cruise line is a great example of something you may not have immediately heard of, but when you know, you know! And here’s why.

Two words … Destination Immersion

It’s quite a fairly well-known term now, but Azamara was the first cruise line to coin it.  What is Destination Immersion? Well, it’s more than just a marketing ploy, this is all about taking guests and giving them the opportunity to learn about a place and get more than just a taste of local culture.

Everything is AzAmazing

A signature part of the Azamara experience is what is termed AzAmazing events and evenings.  These are free shoreside experience open to all passengers on board that delve and highlight a regions culture.   Examples include a private acrobatic show by Les Farfadais at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, or a Maori cultural performance at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa in New Zealand.  I experienced an AzAmazing afternoon in Cherbourg on board Azamara Pursuit and I can hands-down say they are incredible – see pics below.

Think boutique hotel

Azamara ships truly have more in common with a boutique hotel than it does with a cruise ship.  The R Class, which were built at the turn of the Millennium for a now defunct cruise line, are considered by many as some of the best cruise ships afloat, from size, to design and overall feel.  All of Azamara’s fleet consist of this class, though they have gone under significant changes in the recent years.  At only accommodating 690-passengers on board they feel chic and intimate, with a focus on rich woods and darker colours for the most part, giving it a true feeling of luxury.

When you’re peckish

While there are only a handful of restaurants on board, don’t let that put you off because what Azamara does, it does well.  The food on board is azamazing (sorry, I’ll stop now), whether that’s the casual Windows Café, the main restaurant or the two for-fee specialities – one a steak house and one an Italian.  Expect menus to draw upon the destinations being visited and expect a variety of dinner events through the course of a cruise, including a chocolate buffet, dim sum, sushi and other offerings.


Immersion is one thing, but variety is also an important factor to cruising in my books.  And never fear, Azamara also have this covered.  Azamara’s take on variety is around the places it visits, including a range of itineraries such as broad multi-country itineraries to country intensive voyages.  One-country cruises include Costa Rica, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Cuba, Spain, Norway, Italy, Japan, Croatia, Greece and France.  The line also deploys its ships to coincide with key events and festivals across the world, for example of Monaco Grand Prix.

And then there are events such as White Night.  While White Nights are not an unusual event on land or sea, Azamara truly sets the bar high.  Typically (and depending on the weather of course), the pool deck is transformed into an al fresco dining area with an open-deck BBQ and dancing under the stars to live music.  It’s a lot of fun.

Growing from strength-to-strength

Until January 2021, Azamara was owned by Royal Caribbean Group, but it was announced that they had sold the brand to a private investment firm.  This new firm are keen to see Azamara continue to grow, highlighting their commitment by immediately buying a fourth ship to the three-strong fleet (another long-lost sister of the sought-after R Class).  There are even rumours a fifth ship will be in the works soon.

What’s your favourite thing about Azamara?  Would you sail on board?  Let me know in the comments and across Social Media.


2 thoughts on “Why choose to cruise with Azamara?”

  1. Robert Wellman

    Very good and realistic introduction for what is now one of our (@jr_seas_the_day Instagram and Twittter) favourite cruise lines. The experience onboard is one of the best we have had and the Captain, Senior Officers and crew make the experience incredible.
    We have only been cruising with them since they purchased and restyled what is now the Azamara Pursuit in 2018, after sailing on her in her previous guise.
    She was the last ship we cruised on pre-pandemic and our experience of the excellence of service saw us all arriving safely home from what was a South American circumnavigation from Buenos Aires to Lima but having to divert to Miami, on 31st March 2020.
    As may be guessed we have further cruises with Azamara booked on all 3 ships and look forward to continuing our wonderful experiences.

    1. Marcusadams

      Thanks for your comment – I’ve heard similar things in terms of the crew on board and how friendly they are. I think they provide a fairly unique offering as a brand with exciting things to come soon! Looking forward to seeing the ‘new’ sister ship!

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