Why choose to cruise with MSC Cruises?

When it comes to cruising, you have so much choice in terms of lines and destinations that sometimes it can be difficult to choose.

In this blog series we’ll look at the top reasons why you should consider various cruise lines.  In this blog we explore the six reasons why you should consider MSC, or Mediterranean Shipping Company, Cruises.  With some of the newest and wildest cruise ships afloat, they truly have something to appeal to the masses, all while exuding Italian charm and luxe. Let’s take a look at the top reasons why you should consider a princess cruise.

Italian flair

MSC Cruises, has a look, style and feel unlike any other.  Building from its Italian roots, expect interiors to be lavish which blend traditional European elegance with cutting-edge innovation.  On board, you’ll find a multitude of natural stone and marble, and extravagant uses of fabrics, gold-leaf mosaics and the infamous Swarovski crystal staircases.  Interesting fact, but the look and feel of every ship in the fleet, down to the nitty-gritty details, is personally influenced by the family who own MSC.

Speaking of which, MSC is a family-friendly line that can appeal to everyone – whether you’re a family, a couple or a group.  And the ships are designed just for this as you’ll see below.

It’s in the name

As the name suggests, MSC is a Mediterranean focussed brand. So, expect a broad range of nationalities on board (something which I personally love).  This adds a certain unique charm and air to the feel of a cruise day-in and day-out.  Personally, one reason I love to cruise is to meet different people from all over the world – so if you’re like me, you’ll love it.  You can, for example, expect announcements to be in a variety of languages, which can be annoying to some I’ve found in the past.

MSC for Me

MSC for Me is the line’s approach to improving the guest experience through technology. Using a variety of tech, including a mobile app, interactive screens, wearable tech and a digital assistant, MSC for Me aims to allow guests to relax more and enjoy the holiday experience.  Using all this you can navigate your way about the ship easier and book experiences such as dining and shore excursions, to name but a few!

Of particular note is Zoe, the very first virtual cruise assistant.  Similar to Alexa, Zoe is ready assist guests from the comfort of their cabins in a variety of ways and languages.

Customised experiences

MSC is one of the first cruise lines to offer a truly customised cruise package, designed to work to every budget and holiday requirement.  Through this, when booking your cruise, you can choose to book the “Bella” Experience and the “Fantastica” Experience which deliver a variety of additional benefits when on board, including room service, dining preferences and other complimentary offerings. You can also opt to choose the “Aurea” Experience with its dedicated spa package.  Don’t worry, on top of this you can also choose to book drinks packages and other benefits.  I really love that you can choose the level of experience you want together with pretty-much any cabin.

And in terms of what to do on board, prepared to be wowed.  There are activities and experiences to be had everywhere on board MSC’s ships.  Whether that’s enriching indoor activities or fun outdoor activities.  This includes a number of unique offerings including on some ships a F1 simulator, a 4D cinema and a bowling alley.  Or why not try the aqua park and various slides and ropes course.  When you get hungry you won’t be disappointed either, with a variety of included and for-fee restaurants including quite an array of international cuisine.

Yacht Club Luxury

The MSC Yacht Club is the cruise lines’ suite ship within a ship approach.  That is to say, a private place where suite guests can enjoy the exclusivity of a private club and access to a variety of additional amenities on board a number of the ships in the fleet.

Expect lavish suites, 24-hour butler service, concierge and a dedicated lounge, restaurant and outdoor pool areas on board. Taking things to new heights, MSC are also currently building a small fleet of ultra-luxury yachts that will take this experience to new heights.

Young at heart

MSC has some of the youngest ships at sea, with all ships having been built after 2000, though the wider MSC company was founded in 1970 and is the second biggest shipping company in the world.  It is also one of the most rapidly growing cruise lines, with an incredible 12-ships on order.

It is also a diverse fleet of smaller ships to some of the biggest on the plant. This includes the Meraviglia Class, packed a whole host of incredible features including out-of-this-world entertainment (such as Cirque Du Soleil at sea), a multitude of dining options, a huge water park and an interior galleria promenade featuring shops, bars and other excitement.  Then there is the Seaside class, with its outdoor focus and over-the-water promenade.  They are not resting on their laurels either, with continuous improvements to their ‘older’ ships as well, including most recently stretching a number of ships in the fleet.

In 2022, MSC will welcome MSC World Europa, the next generation of ship for the line.  They will be some of the largest ships afloat, with a signature “Y”-shape hull design. Initial features announced included square cabins, a glass pool lounge, and sections designed specifically for families.  The aft of the ship will also be open, with the lower promenade deck flanked by balcony cabin towers.


You read all about my experience on board MSC Bellissima here – from the shipyard to her maiden voyage.

For more information about MSC Cruises, head here.

What’s your favourite thing about MSC Cruises?  Would you sail on board?  Let me know in the comments and across Social Media.

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